What happens when macros stop working?

A hands-on coaching mentorship arming coaches with the tools to
confidently apply advanced nutrition and training, physiology, and hormone protocols.

**For quality control, a mentorship application is required**
The Applied Science Methods
Mentorship Includes:
Topic-Specific Modules and
Learning Focused On:
  • ​Adaptive Physiology + The P3 Model
  • ​Stress & Adrenal Insufficiency
  • ​Client Biofeedback Tracking
  • ​Thyroid Health & Metabolism
  • ​Women's Health and Hormones
  • ​Men's Health and Hormones
  • ​Inflammation & Glycemic Regulation
  • ​Check-In Strategies and Implementation
  • ​Functional Blood Chemistry
  • ​Special Cases: PCOS, Adrenal Insufficiency, Hashimotos & Auto-Immune Disease, Low Testosterone, Hypothyroid, and more!
The Applied Science Methods
Mentorship ALSO includes:
  • ​Over 10 hours of recorded digital group sessions
  • ​Over 2 hours of recorded digital seminars from across the country
  • ​Over 3 hours of guest conversations and interviews
If you’re reading this, there's a good chance you're already a good coach. Maybe you’re on your way to becoming a great one. You've got the basics down, you've been able to help transform some lives, and—most importantly—you care a lot about leading your clients to better health.

But you've noticed something...

As you’ve expanded your expertise and practice to be able to help with complicated issues far beyond what can be solved with the broad strokes of 3 sets of 8-12 and count your macros, you’ve realized that much like an artist, a combination of both broad and fine brush strokes is needed to truly create a masterpiece.
It’s the universal curse of knowledge: as you learn more, you realize how much there truly is to learn. And compared to that, you feel like you don’t know much at all.

And that’s okay. We all go through that. It’s part of the journey as a coach. But despite this overwhelm, we must continue to lean into these advanced topics and unique cases.

The people coming to you for help have unique circumstances that manifest as specific and individual issues with their bodies. And as you’ve no doubt seen in your own practice, they’re often frustrated when the initial approach they’ve taken proves ineffective.

Psst secret between the two of us…Sometimes you're not sure how to fully help them.

You want to be armed with everything you need to help your clients get the results they’re after; the deep stuff few people even talk about.

Because you know—even if they don’t—that they’re after more than just some visible improvements in their physiques.
Your people want better health, with all the concomitant improvements:
  • Less pain
  • ​More energy
  • ​Greater ease of movement
  • ​Improved immunity
  • ​Enhanced mood
  • ​Deeper sleep
  • ​Higher libido
And, yes, longevity. But what’s a longer life if it’s not a better life? If it doesn’t include all the aspects of health that make you feel alive.
That’s what your clients are REALLY after. It’s what they’re really hiring you for. It’s what they’re trusting you to help them achieve. 

Our clients may not be able to verbalize it that way, and that’s okay. It’s not their job to have to develop the language to express it so directly.

It’s OUR job to read between the lines and understand what they mean when they talk about health.

That’s half of great coaching. The other half is knowing how to provide it.

And that’s why you’re here: to develop the tools necessary to become the best coach you can.
You’re dedicated to being the kind of coach your clients trust you to be.

But you simply CANNOT do that, CANNOT help them cultivate the various pieces of “better health” without taking your understanding and expertise to the next level.

Whether it's hormonal imbalances, gut health, or correcting nutritional deficiencies, you need to know how to identify these deeper issues—and how to address them.

Both on a psychological level AND from a habit based approach.

To be clear: It's not that you don't know some of the answers. It's not that you can't spend hours researching the topics on your own and possibly find a temporary fix. It's that you understand the importance of getting it right. And the more experience you have, the greater chance of getting it right the first time.

You're not looking for band-aids. And you’re not looking for a bunch of cherry picked research you can use to serve your confirmation bias or win some online debate.
You want to actually help people.

And because you realize knowledge without application is pretty useless, you’re looking to become a better coach, not just a better researcher.

You absolutely need to equip yourself with effective science-backed solutions. But you’re also ready to learn how to create and [implement] individualized protocols for each client.
Because at the higher levels, great coaching is just as focused on integration as it is on information.

That’s how serve your community at the highest level.

And that’s why Applied Science Methods was created. And that's where I come in.
Hi, I'm Sam Miller, a certified hormonal specialist and training & nutrition coach with a passion for helping clients understand and correct complex health issues by simplifying the application of complex physiology concepts.
I am committed to being your resource and want you to serve your clients to the fullest.


I Coach Because I Believe In Being Coached.

I'm sure you agree that most people can benefit from a health and fitness coach. The strategy, the mindset corrections and the accountability that a coach provide have innumerable benefits.
Every week you see the growth in your clients.

But what about your growth?

It's likely you had a fitness coach in the past; maybe that's even why you became a coach, because you saw firsthand how training and nutrition coaching can transform lives.

Somewhere along your own journey, you stopped doing the very thing you advise others to do—work with a coach.
The past 18 months or so, I've become re-obsessed with exponentiating my growth as a coach, and as a person. I've hired multiple different coaches to help me further my education in areas I feel I'm lacking, continue to grow as a person, and even provide new networking opportunities that I never would have had (game changing).
Information, accountability, strategy, mindset—these are just a few of the many benefits. When we as coaches work with other coaches, we put ourselves in a position to learn without consequence, grow in confidence from new educational experiences, and collaborate and network with others in ways that will continue to serve us and our clients for years to come.

Unique perspectives and approaches in the collaborative process yield a piece of art otherwise un-constructible by the parties on their own.
Linear growth shifts and becomes exponential growth.

Confidence, controlled learning and collaborative problem solving work synergistically to enhance your impact on future clients. This leads to improved retentionresults, and revenue.

The path to success does not need to be previously uncharted.

The coach with a coach has a compass to close the gap between their current acumen and unrealized potential.

The Path to Success

Ready to Level Up As A Coach?

Be the coach with the answers when macros stop working.

Be the coach to quickly and confidently apply the proper and safe protocol for client results.

Be the coach who scales, not because of gimmicks or tactics, but because you are truly one of the best.
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