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Unlock newfound client success by leveraging all facets of a transformation - NOT just calories, sets, and reps…

This FREE checklist serves as the foundation for every health and fitness transformation no matter how simple or complex and has been accessed by thousands of coaches across the globe and is now available at no-cost to you.

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Maximize every client check in by leveraging all the coaching tools at your disposal with this quick-reference guide


Utilize comprehensive and integrated coaching methods and go beyond just calories, sets, and reps.


Learn to implement my ten transformation toggles so that you can create real results that your clients crave without fad diets, or sabotaging your client’s life or happiness.


Last, but not least all transformations have what I call "low hanging fruit" - these cornerstone pieces of a transformation can 5-10x client results, but most coaches never think to even ask about these health-related variables. 

Sleep, stress management, non-exercise activity, micronutrition, and relationships are all incredibly underrated aspects of client transformation that can make or break results.

Meet Your Coach

Sam Miller

Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialist

I've spent the last 15 years separating the truth from the garbage and sharing my quest for health, fitness, and nutrition knowledge with the world.

I have more than a decade of experience as a health, fitness, and nutrition coach. My programs help coaches and health professionals improve their clients’ results. A popular online educator, podcast host, and mentor, I consistently offer simple, strategic methods for transformation and translates complex concepts into leverage for any health and fitness goal.

My workshops, classes, and specialization programs have served over 2,500 coaches worldwide. I have been a featured speaker for companies like LinkedIn and a content contributor for industry titans such as Barbell Shrugged, Muscle Intelligence, T-Nation, Elite FTS, and more. 

I am also a certified nutritionist and licensed, board-certified health practitioner who holds a master’s degree from North Carolina State University and a Bachelor of Science from Elon University.

And now I want to help YOU bridge the gap between macros and metabolism, and take your health, nutrition, & fitness coaching to the next level.